Terms and Conditions

  1. I reserve the right to terminate or cancel dog walks due to severe weather conditions which limit or prevent travel, an animal in my care becomes ill or suffers an injury, a dog’s behaviour is causing distress to other dogs, a bitch goes on heat, or a personal emergency.
  2. All animals in my care must be up to date with jabs, worming, and flea treatment and dogs should have a kennel cough vaccination.
  3. All animals must be chipped and dogs must have identity collars.
  4. All animals must have insurance and owners are liable for any illness, injury or third party damages caused by their animal including veterinary bills.
  5. Dogs will only be allowed off the lead with signed consent from the owner.
  6. Owners must advise if their dog is not neutered and for bitches the owner must advise as to when she will be on heat.
  7. Owners must provide an emergency number and vets details. If on holiday, owners should provide the number of someone they trust me to speak with in an emergency should the owner not be contactable. Every effort will be made to contact owners in an emergency.
  8. Cancellations require a minimum of 24 hours notice. Any cancellation made with less than 24 hours notice will have to pay a cancellation fee of half the price of the booking.
  9. Once work is completed clients will be invoiced and payment must be made within 7 days by bank transfer or cash.
  10. Should payment not be received within 7 days, 10% will be added onto the bill for every 7 days that passes.

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